MicroLife 6-2-4 Organic Fertilizer

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Friendswood Hardware now carries MicroLife 6-2-4 Organic Fertilizer!  

Organic Fertilizers are different from chemical fertilizers because they feed your plants while adding organic material to the soil. Soils with an abundance of organic matter remain loose and airy, hold a greater amount of moisture and nutrients, promote the growth of beneficial soil organisms, and provide a healthier plant root system. This also reduces the need for water, giving you beautiful, healthy plants and soils.

Healthy soil means less disease!

Healthy soil absorbs more water, so less run off.

Organic materials mean less pollution,  safer for people and pets!

Organic Fertilizers won’t ever burn your plants!

Organic Fertilizers as opposed to chemical fertilizers are made from renewable resources. So, Go Organic and help take good care of our Earth!